ION7300 Series



The compact, cost-effective PowerLogic® ION7300 power and energy meter from Schneider Electric is the most economical device in our ION7300 series and is an excellent replacement for multiple analog meters.

The ION7300 is a high-accuracy 3-phase power and energy meter that is suitable for use by energy suppliers and energy consumers. It can be used to track energy costs in industrial/commercial facilities, by department, tenant, process, or output.

Used in enterprise energy management applications such as feeder monitoring and sub-metering, PowerLogic ION7300 series meters offer unmatched value, functionality, and ease of use. PowerLogic ION7300 series meters interface with ION Enterprise software, or other power management or automation systems, to provide users with real-time information for monitoring and analysis.

PowerLogic ION7300 meters are an ideal replacement for analog meters, with a multitude of power and energy measurements, analog and digital I/O, communication ports, and industry-standard protocols. The ION7330 meter adds on-board data storage, emails of logged data, and an optional modem. The ION7350 meter is further augmented by more sophisticated power quality analysis, alarms and a call-back-on-alarm feature.

Key Features of the ION7300

  • Energy: bi-directional, absolute & net
  • Demand: rolling block, predicted, and thermal
  • Harmonics: individual & total harmonic distortion
  • Sag/Swell (ION7350)
  • Waveform recording
  • Internet-enabled communications
  • RS-485 port supports Modbus RTU and ION
  • One RS-485 port for Ethernet Gateway
  • Optional Ethernet port with EtherGate allows direct
  • Ethernet-to-RS-485 data transfer to 31 other devices
  • Infrared data port compatible with an ANSI C12.13 Type II magnetic optical communications coupler
  • Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, DNP 3.0, and PROFIBUS DP
  • On-board data logging (ION7330 & ION7350)
  • Sequence-of-events & min/max logging (ION7330 & ION7350)
  • Setpoints for control and alarms (ION7330 & ION7350)
  • Setpoint on any parameter or condition
  • 4 digital inputs for status/counter functions (ION7330 & ION7350)
  • 4 digital outputs for control/pulse functions
  • Optional analog inputs and outputs

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