Service Agreements

We’re there when you need us!

4.1.1By letting our Meterlogic maintenance technicians keep your system optimized, you will be able to spend more time using and analyzing the power management system information.

Through regular maintenance to your monitoring system, we will help you to realize savings by:

  • Performing regular general system diagnostics to ensure your system is run at peak performance.
  • Proactively identify unfavorable facility conditions to eliminate potential problems.
  • Keeping your power management system up-to-date with the fast-paced computer industry.
  • Enhancing your system with new monitoring features as they are available.

With an On-Site Maintenance Support Service Agreement, a Meterlogic technician will visit your site, respond to issues discovered and troubleshoot any system issues.

On-Site Maintenance can include:

  • Upgrading firmware as required
  • Annual system checkup and verification of overall system performance, configuration and input wiring
  • Correcting communications and service issues
  • Software upgrades (if unable to perform remotely)
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