CM4000 Series

PowerLogic CM4000 series circuit monitors offer high-performance digital instrumentation, data acquisition and control capabilities. The products can integrate easily in power monitoring and control systems due to their optional Ethernet connections and embedded web server. These Transparent Ready devices are designed for applications where power quality and availability are critical factors. They are generally used at service entrances and interconnection points or on circuits feeding sensitive equipment. Due to their very wide range of features, including transient detection, you can solve problems related to poor power quality. EN50160 compliance checking capability makes these products ideal to meet new needs related to market deregulation.

The meter is available in two versions. The CM4250 includes detection of voltage sags, swells and other power quality indices. The CM4000T includes detection of voltage sags and swells together with transient detection and flicker measurements.

Encompassing all aspects of power quality – from impulsive voltage transients to flicker – with industry-leading measurement accuracy, the CM4000T and CM4250 have embedded high-tech features including extremely high accuracy, copious memory, and built in analytical tools.

Designed specifically for critical power users and large energy consumers, Series 4000 Circuit Monitors are more than just advanced power quality monitors; they are also highly accurate energy monitors with the ability to monitor electricity and other utilities including gas, compressed air, water, and steam. Plus you can access information using your web browser!

Key Features

  • Web-enabled access to information
  • Email on alarm
  • Extensive onboard memory
  • Power quality summary
  • Disturbance direction detection
  • Harmonic power flows
  • Impulsive transient detection (CM4000T)
  • Flicker measurement (CM4000T)
  • Anomaly evaluations based on the latest IEEE and IEC
  • Higher sampling rate
  • Waveform capture
  • Flexible I/O for pulse counting
  • Modular design


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