Mobile Data Options and Enclosures

The 100 Series of cellular routers, optimized for M2M (machine-to-machine)/Internet of Things (IoT) applications, offer a robust Ethernet or serial network interface platform ready to deploy. The intuitive user interface and free cloud device management (no recurrent monthly fees) allows for quick configuration and over-the-air upgrades. Enhanced with features such as WAN Failover and Certificate Management, the 100 Series creates an ideal environment for secure and redundant communications critical to the reliability of remote monitoring systems in a variety of industries.


  • 4G-LTE, 3G and 2G cellular technology support
  • Flexible Web API for developers based on RESTful JSON over HTTPs
  • Ruggedized enclosure –  Class I Div 2
  • Designed, manufactured and tested in ISO 13485 facilities
  • Remotely hosted device management platform


  • Lowest total cost of ownership
  • Long and stable lifecycles
  • Certified and carrier-approved
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