Meterlogic is an Ecoxpert partner for Schneider Electric specializing in integration of power and energy meters. We design an EPMS (Energy Power Management System) to monitor your buildings power-distribution system for quality and usage. Meterlogic offers a wide variety of metering solutions to meet the needs of: Industrial companies, Ski resorts, Hospitals and medical facilities, Mining, Oil and Gas, and commercial industries.

What is EPMS?

Energy Power Management Systems monitor your building’s power distribution system looking at usage and quality. An EPMS can provide energy reports, PQ analytics, Customized dashboards, Alarms, and a graphical interface of your power distribution system. With an EPMS in your building, you will be able to efficiently monitor your power distribution system all in one place.

Meterlogic Solutions

Meterlogic can provide a complete EPMS to your facility. Whether by building a premise-based EPMS utilizing a corporate network infrastructure or complete private cloud-hosted solution EPMS we help our customers Power Monitoring Expert (ION Enterprise) - Affinity Energy

  • Integration of smart electrical meters into an EMPS
  • Easily access automated energy use reports and data
  • Accurately allocate costs and energy use
  • Maximize facility uptime and reliability
  • Examine and mitigate power quality (PQ) related issues
  • Find new ways to extend equipment performance and lifespan
  • Track energy consumption and uncover savings opportunities
  • Custom graphical interface to layout facility and power distribution system
  • Receive instant alerts and notifications of system events

Our team of engineers can help you with the design, installation, deployment, or optimization of your Energy Power Management System.

Meterlogic Private Cloud Hosting System

In addition to helping build and manage your Energy Power Management System (EPMS), we also offer several innovative services to maximize your Schneider system. Meterlogic provides a highly secured private cloud for hosting Power Management Expert with a wide array of connectivity options and secure remote access for both cloud and onsite systems.


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