Meter Upgrades

Meterlogic has the right metering upgrade solution for your system.

You could save up to 25% on your electrical metering upgrades!


Is your electrical metering outdated? Are you looking for an electrical meter that has all of today’s technology in them?

Contact a Meterlogic representative on how we can upgrade your electrical metering system.

Why upgrade?

Upgrading your meter means more ways to save! With advanced capabilities, our power and energy meters provide you with improved reliability, efficiency, and power monitoring abilities. Access the data you need to improve your facility performance!

What meters are eligible and how to participate in the program?

Any power and energy meter from Schneider Electric, Eaton, GE, or other manufacturer is eligible for trade-in. Contact Meterlogic about your current meter(s), your meter upgrade options, and the meter trade-in process.

Metering upgrade benefits

  • Protect your power and energy monitoring system with the improved reliability of new meters
  • Access new and advanced features and functionality• Protect your facility with improved cybersecurity
  • Patented Disturbance Direction Detection helps accurately locate where a power event has occurred

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