Schneider Electric ION 9000 Meter

Schneider Electric ION 9000 Meter


As key components within an EcoStruxure Power system, ION9000 series power meters provide the flexibility and adaptability needed for today and for the IoT-enabled future. Third-party certified Class 0.1S accuracy surpasses every key revenue metering standard, unlocking significant new savings for an innovative competitive edge. Simply open your web browser for comprehensive PQ analysis according to both EN50160 and IEEE519 standards.



PowerLogic ION9000 meters help you with:

  • Safety: restore power efficiently while keeping people safe and processes operational. Ensure safe power recovery while switching utility feeds.
  • Reliability: avoid downtime by understanding root causes of acute or chronic power events, and prevent future occurrences. Increase lifetime of equipment, mitigating effects of poor power quality.
  • Efficiency: save money by reducing energy spend. Use actionable data to optimize operations, avoid peak demand or power factor penalties or errors in utility bills. Perform maintenance when and where it is needed.
  • Compliance: comply with local and international energy efficiency standards. Ensure regulatory compliance to operate and protect your business. Prepare your business for future cyber security regulations.


PowerLogic ION9000 meters:
– Provide custom substation automation, demand and load management applications (thanks to ION programmability)
– Quickly locate disturbances
– Predictive maintenance
– Breaker monitoring
– Cost allocation
– Monitoring ongoing operations like battery health and runtime variations
– Help detect and prevent power incidents
– Monitor critical loads 24×7 for peak performance and any deviations from the ideal
– Demand control and load shedding applications

Combine with EcoStruxure Power edge control software and solutions for:
-detailed preventative views into the electrical infrastructure
– Advanced diagnostic information and power quality analysis
– mitigation of unplanned downtime
– quickly pinpoint the root cause of power system failures

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