Hosted Solutions

Simplify your power network management with managed hosting services from Meterlogic.


5 Benefits of a Hosted Solution:


  1. Ease of Deployment – Rapidly deploy power monitoring systems on our private cloud infrastructure through several flexible connectivity options.  Our expert engineers will get you up, running and customized faster than you ever thought possible.
  2. Cost – traditional in-house implementations can cost thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars to build the needed infrastructure to build a highly available solution.  Hosted solutions allow you to leverage our infrastructure and expertise to realize a lower total cost of ownership for critical power management solutions, even lower than public cloud options.
  3. Reliability – You need your power to be on 24/7 and our hosted solution will be there for you as well.  Our private cloud is deployed in a tier 4, highly available, highly secured data center meeting extremely high standards to give you the best experience possible.  The infrastructure, including your specific deployment, is monitored by our staff to insure maximum uptime to make sure your system provides you with the greatest use and the least hassle.
  4. Expertise – one of the challenges associated with bringing a new solution in-house is the steep curve that goes along with learning a new technology. Often-times this results in underutilization of the solution because there’s not an expert level of familiarity with the software. Our expert team, who handle many types of hosted implementations, can share their expertise and experience to help ensure you’re getting the most out of your system, quickly and simply.
  5. Maintenance – ongoing maintenance, upgrades, backups, and system monitoring require IT resources and an internal commitment to keep up with new releases and patches. With a hosted software solution, you can keep your internal resources focused on important projects and leave the ongoing maintenance chores to the managed services team.

We offer several size options to meet your needs –

Single meter
Small VM – Up to 50 meters
Medium VM – Up to 250 meters
Large VM – Can support 250 to over 1500 meters
Tenant Billing (from 1 meter to 1000s)

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