Branch Circuit Monitor

The PowerLogic Branch Circuit Power Meter (BCPM) is a highly accurate, full-featured metering product designed for the unique, multi-circuit and minimal space requirements of a high performance power distribution unit (PDU) or remote power panel (RPP).

The BCPM monitors up to 84 branch circuits and the incoming power mains to provide information on a complete PDU.  Full alarming capabilities ensure that potential issues are dealt with before they become problems.

Unlike products designed for specific hardware, the flexible BCPM fits any PDU or RPP design and supports both new and retrofit installations.  It has exceptional dynamic range and accuracy, and optional feature sets to meet the energy challenges of mission-critical data centers.

The branch circuit power meter is the ideal solution for data center managers, engineers and operational executives who are responsible for delivering power to critical applications. In corporate and hosted data center facilities, this technology helps you plan and optimize the critical power infrastructure to meet the demands of continuous availability. Set alarm levels at High-high, high, low and low-low as a percent of breaker rating, to ensure you get an alarm before a breaker trip occurs.

The Branch Circuit Power Meter is available with three feature sets:

* Advanced: power and energy per circuit and mains
* Intermediate: current per circuit, power and energy per mains
* Basic: current only per circuit and mains

Key Features

  • Ideal for critical power applications and data centers.
  • Monitors power distribution at the circuit level
  • Maximize uptime and avoid outages
  • Optimize existing infrastructure
  • Improve power distribution efficiency
  • Track usage and allocate energy costs
  • Enable accurate sub-billing
  • Low cost per meter point
  • Modbus over RS-485
  • High accuracy and dynamic range
  • Accurate at low current values, down to .25 A
  • Monitor 42 or 84 circuits with 2 or 4 CT strips
  • Supports single phase and 3-phase circuit metering
  • Three feature sets to match specific needs
  • Monitor mains with two sets of inputs for four auxiliary CTs
Technical Datasheet Installation Guide
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