The Schneider EGX100 is an intelligent Ethernet gateway that provides fast, reliable Ethernet-to-serial line connectivity between intelligent meters, sensors, and other remote instruments.

Power monitoring software is recommended as a user interface because it provides access to information from any device. It also provides advanced power quality analysis and energy management reports.

The PowerLogic EGX 100 provides one Ethernet 10/100 base T port and one RS485 port and serves as an Ethernet gateway for any device or system supporting Modbus protocol over a daisy-chained RS485 connection. It offers complete access to device status and measurement information via PowerLogic Energy Mangement Software. DIN-rail mount.
Features unique to the EGX100 include ‘TCP/IP Filtering’ security that lets you specify the level of access each Master device shall have to connected serial devices.
‘Serial master support’ that lets a serial Modbus master device connected to the gateway’s serial port access devices across a TCP/IP network.

Key Features

  • ModbusTCP/IP fast Ethernet connectivity to serial RS485 devices
  • Serial support for Modbus RTU, Modbus ASCII, Jbus, and PowerLogic protocols
  • Single 10/100BaseTx Ethernet port
  • Single serial port configurable for RS485 (2/4 wire) or RS232 (RJ45)
  • Receives control power via Ethernet cable (Power-over-Ethernet or PoE) according to IEEE 802.3af
  • ModbusTCP/IP filtering specifies read-only or full access client devices to connected serial slave devices
  • Allows serial master devices to connect to remote ModbusTCP/IP servers
  • TCP/IP Filtering
  • Serial Master Support


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