Power Quality

What is Power Quality?

Power Quality (PQ) is the degree to which the voltage, frequency, and waveform of a power supply system conform to established specifications.

Why is PQ important?

PQ problems, such as voltage sages, transients, and system harmonics, can have a big impact on facility owners’ bottom lines through lost productivity and equipment repairs and replacement. In fact, research shows that most of these power quality issues are caused by problems with the facilities themselves rather than the utility company. Because of some of these costly issues that come with power quality issues, it is a good financial sense for owners and managers to be proactive in identifying and addressing PQ issues before they cause damage to critical equipment

With the help from Meterlogic and their products offered by Schneider Electric, we can help understand where these power quality issues come from, increase uptime, and be able to have confidence in your facility’s power infrastructure. Today’s advanced electrical metering technology offer accessible options for monitoring local electrical systems to ensure your power is clean and efficient. Along with those electrical metering options, Meterlogic can provide a cloud hosting solution that will give you access to your power system to always be aware of how your power distribution system is doing.

Metering Solutions:

Meterlogic offers multiple Schneider Electric Power Meter solutions to help understand your PQ:




PM5000 series    

Power Monitoring Expert 

Meterlogic Hosting Solution   



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